What is SmartCryptoTech

SmartCrytoTech is a Great British gaming company, Who want to bring you a whole new style of gaming where you can earn from playing our games

We have a game in development, It is available for beta testing for windows users other platforms will be available soon.

SmartCryptoTech (SCT) is not a mineable cryptocurrency which was first created on the 29th May 2019. It is using the SCRYPT algorithm and a Proof of Stake proof type.

We have several wallet options available:

- Windows,

- Linux-QT (Ubuntu 18.04),

- Linux-Daemon (Ubuntu 18.04),

- Linux-Daemon-qt-cli (Ubuntu 16.04),

- Mac

Smart Crypto Tech Escrow Service Has been created so that all those people who want to trade their crypto, We aim to make it so you have no problem when selling or buying crypto, it is known that 17.3% of people who sell their coins without using an intermediary service are scammed but thanks to the guarantee escrow service we provide, no one will be scammed because we have a guaranteed intermediary @SmartCryptoGuy , he will take care of all the changes of currencies that they want to do, it is a way to sell your coins without being scammed and only 5% of purchases/sales are being charged for this service. Please note The 5% is 50/50 between both parties to keep things fair for everyone!