Smart Crypto Tech is an innovate gaming cryptocurrency that delivers exciting and top-tier gameplay directly to you! As game developers, we are devoted to the continuous expansion of the gaming industry!

With the emergence of blockchain technology, Smart Crypto Tech has gained the opportunity of attaining global influence within the gaming industry! This advancement enforces our mission of delivering endless benefits and a thrilling experience to gamers of all ages no matter the genre preference.

Smart Crypto Tech is constructed off the highly desired Proof-of-Stake technology that delivers dividends/rewards to users on a continuous basis. The official abbreviation of this project is “SCT” with total supply being 22,000,000.


FAQ Page

Should I join this community?

With the emergence of blockchain technology, Smart Crypto Techhas gained the capability of attaining a global audience within the gaming industry. This advancement reinforces the delivery of a top-tier gaming experience to usersof all ages. Primarily, we strive to deliver endless benefits to fellow gamers and ensure youexperience the ultimate gaming experience no matter your genre preference.

What is the Hashing Algorithm/Breakdown?

Smart Crypto Techblockchain is constructed utilizing the Scrypt algorithm. The minimum staking age is set for 8 hours, to ensure the necessary amount of confirmations are acquired prior to gaining periodic dividends/rewards. Additionally, to ensure transactionswithin the blockchain are verified adequately, 6 blocks are required to ensure peak stability.

What is Proof-of-Work (PoW)/Proof-of-Stake (PoS)?

The Proof-of-Work (PoW) system, when referencing cryptocurrency, was constructed and designed by the entity Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. PoW is the competition of hardware contending against one another to generate the next successful hash assisting to secure the next block within the corresponding blockchain. The manner of this overall process creates a decentralization of workers, thus producing a trustless consensus. PoS is the competition between the holders of the cryptocurrency. Based on arbitrary chance and the connectivity of the network, a holder may receive additional coins for assisting the continued decentralization of the network. PoS is the most energy efficient as it requires no added hardware or substantial amount of electricity to reward the user. Additionally, in many cases,it proves to be substantially resilient to a 51% attack on the network (Blackcoin Coin Team, 2016). With the information provided, the route of a PoS network does come with vulnerabilities. As the network is not aware of anything except for the blockchain, a physical anchoring is absent. With this void, there are multiple methods that can influence the harming of the network. One specifically is titled a “bribe attack”. This occurs when the attacker performs a spending transaction to inevitably reverse later.

Who is SmartCryptoTech’s primary audience?

Smart Crypto Techaims to entertain every gamer around the world, no matter thegenre preference! We ensure that we design and develop polished products that are innovative and visually pleasing. We will deliver add-ons whichinclude achievements and leaderboards to keep track of your in-game progress.

How will SmartCryptoTech be utilized?

There are endless possibilities to earning more Smart Crypto Tech! You will have the ability to create a gaming account which will be hooked up to your personalized Smart Crypto Tech wallet. With the games that we design and deliver to the community, you will be able to obtain Smart Crypto Tech coins by exchanging them for in-game currency. Dependent on the game that you have selected to play, there will be several opportunities to obtain this in-game currency such as: defeating bosses, discovering new locations, leveling up, posting high-scores,unlocking achievements, etc