Smart Crypto Tech is an innovate gaming cryptocurrency that delivers exciting and top-tier gameplay directly to you! As game developers, we are devoted to the continuous expansion of the gaming industry!

With the emergence of blockchain technology, Smart Crypto Tech has gained the opportunity of attaining global influence within the gaming industry! This advancement enforces our mission of delivering endless benefits and a thrilling experience to gamers of all ages no matter the genre preference.

Smart Crypto Tech is constructed off the highly desired Proof-of-Stake technology that delivers dividends/rewards to users on a continuous basis. The official abbreviation of this project is “SCT” with total supply being 22,000,000.



SCT Community Arcade

Arcades are a fun way to learn about new games that are being released. Our arcade is updated frequently to include some of the newest games.

Welcome to the smart crypto tech community arcade section!.

Create an account to save your “Smart Crypto Tech Points” and earn some SCT coin.

Players with accounts are shown in the leader board and can be earn even more rewards and pints.

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